• Aug 12 2020

    Looking For Some Hot Stuff

    By Dr. Megan Forgan Well, it appears as though summer weather is finally upon us. The sun is out, the temperatures are in the 20’s, and there is humidity galore….

  • Jul 02 2020

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    The Calm Before the Storm

    The Calm Before the Storm By Dr. Megan Forgan   We are officially in the summer months of 2020, which apparently this year means a lot of stormy weather. While…

  • May 11 2020

    Tick Season

    By Dr. Devan Boss TICK SEASON Temperatures are rising.  It’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your pets.  Its also a great time for ticks!   Ticks can become…

  • May 11 2020

    Spring Awakening

    By Dr. Megan Forgan The snow has melted, the weather is in the double digits, and the sun is shining. Spring has officially sprung! While spring brings with it many…

  • Apr 03 2020

    Entertaining Your Pets During a Pandemic

    Entertaining Your Pets During a Pandemic By Dr. Megan Forgan We have entered into uncharted territory, and I think we can all agree that this time of self-isolation and social…

  • Mar 09 2020


    Cruciate Injuries in Dogs Just like people, dogs can damage the cruciate ligaments in their knees (stifles).  In fact, damage to the cruciate ligaments is the most common orthopedic injury…

  • Mar 09 2020

    Vaccine Myth Busters: Cat Edition

    Myth #1: Indoor cats don’t need vaccines. FALSE: While indoor cats may be at lower risk for infectious diseases, they still require vaccines. If your cat ever gets outdoors, even…

  • Feb 26 2020

    Say “Ahhh”

    Welcome to the beloved month of February, where the weather is unpredictable, the length of the month changes every 4 years, and the month that veterinary clinics around the world…

  • Feb 26 2020

    Does My Pet Have a Drinking Problem?

    Have you noticed your pet is spending more time at the water bowl than usual?  Increased drinking habits can be a normal response to diet or environment, but they can…

  • Feb 26 2020

    Skating on Thin Ice

    Now that we are officially in the throws of winter, you may have noticed that the rivers and ponds have frozen over. These frozen bodies of water may seem like…