• Apr 06 2021

    Why an exam with the vaccinations?

    Hello, it’s Dr. Krägeloh! Spring is here, and despite Covid-19 restrictions life goes on, and it goes fast! Today I would like to outline why we perform health exams with…

  • Feb 09 2021

    New Year’s Resolutions

    By Dr. Susanne Krägeloh It seems that time is flying, and New Years resolutions were made and sometimes already forgotten. One of the most popular resolutions is weight loss and…

  • Feb 09 2021

    Valentine’s Day Chocolate Toxicity

    By Dr. Alysson Macedo I hope you’re just as excited as I am for Valentine’s Day. I know that Christmas was not that long ago, but there’s no such thing…

  • Dec 09 2020

    What Do Pet Food Labels Really Tell Us?

    By Dr. Susanne Krägeloh Hello again, it is Dr. Susanne Krägeloh. This crazy year is drawing to an end, and despite increased measures to contain Covid19 we all hope for…

  • Nov 02 2020

    Intestinal worms – why deworming our pets is important

    Summer is over, and winter is knocking on our door. We are staying indoors more, and so are our pets. We as veterinary professionals often get asked: why is it…

  • Oct 14 2020

    Creepy Crawlies

    By Dr. Susanne Krägeloh Hello, my name is Dr. Susanne Krägeloh, and I have been working in Beaumont since August 2020. My welcome to the new workplace has been warm,…

  • Sep 09 2020

    On My Own

    The mornings are getting cooler, the wind is getting stronger, and the sun is setting earlier. That can only mean one thing; school is almost back in session. After months…

  • Aug 12 2020

    Looking For Some Hot Stuff

    By Dr. Megan Forgan Well, it appears as though summer weather is finally upon us. The sun is out, the temperatures are in the 20’s, and there is humidity galore….

  • Jul 02 2020

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    The Calm Before the Storm

    The Calm Before the Storm By Dr. Megan Forgan   We are officially in the summer months of 2020, which apparently this year means a lot of stormy weather. While…

  • May 11 2020

    Tick Season

    By Dr. Devan Boss TICK SEASON Temperatures are rising.  It’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your pets.  Its also a great time for ticks!   Ticks can become…