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Have you noticed your pet is spending more time at the water bowl than usual?  Increased drinking habits can be a normal response to diet or environment, but they can also be a sign of a serious medical condition.

Normal, non life-threatening reasons for increased water consumption can include exercise, high temperatures, and changes in diet. After exercise or on hot days pets will often pant to try to cool down and this results in increased evaporation of water from their tongues.    Switching from a canned food to a dry food may mean your pet needs to drink more water to make up for the water they previously got from their diet.  Conversely, if you switch from a dry food to a wet food you may notice your pet is not drinking as much as they used too.

Serious medical conditions that can cause an increase in drinking habits include diabetes, kidney disease, bladder infections, thyroid disease and Cushings disease.

If you suspect your pet is drinking more than normal, consult your veterinarian.  Blood work and a urine sample will help to determine if their increased thirst is something to be concerned about.

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