• Nov 09 2021

    Healthy, Not So Healthy

    As we learn more about sugar alternatives for human consumption and attempt a better and healthier life style for ourselves, we may be imposing some unknown risks to our furry…

  • Nov 09 2021

    What does a dental procedure include?

    Obviously, we cannot expect our pet patients to sit through a dental procedure voluntarily, still and with the mouth open. Therefore, a dental procedure must be done under general anesthetic….

  • Nov 09 2021


    This past month we had numerous wellness exams and vaccine appointments scheduled. It made me think about how much we actually discuss vaccines with our clients. I am sure the…

  • Sep 15 2021

    Puppy Socialization

    Has anybody gotten a new family member recently? We have seen so many new puppies at the clinic lately that I thought we should talk a little bit about how…

  • Sep 15 2021

    COVID Restrictions

    Summer seems to be winding down, with some leaves already turning color. The season is changing but COVID-19 remains with us and probably will for the future. Despite our province…

  • Aug 15 2021

    Secondary Drowning

    Summer is in full swing, and we all have been enjoying being outside and doing outside activities. We know not to expose our pets to extreme temperatures (e.g. heat), but…

  • Aug 15 2021

    Heat Stress

    How’s everybody’s summer going so far? I hope you had the greatest adventures out there! But hey, it’s not over yet, let’s make sure to enjoy the last few weeks…

  • Jul 08 2021

    Animals and Heat Exposure

    Summer is here, and with the summer hot temperatures are arriving. We already had our first heatwave of the summer and lots of reports of pets being exposed to and...
  • Jul 08 2021

    Camping With Your Pet

    I don’t know about you, but I already have a few campsites booked for the summer! Looking forward to seeing you all out there with your pets as well. But,...
  • Jun 11 2021


    With all our Covid19 restrictions still in place, we are all getting impatient to return to a more normal, pre-Covid19 operating mode. Many of us have been spending more time…