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I don’t know about you, but March always brings my hopes up and I start to think that summer is just around the corner! I start daydreaming about all the outdoor adventures that I may chase!

As we get more active so do our pets, and we’re all subjected to some tricky black ice or frozen over ponds this time of the year, isn’t that right? Although most falls aren’t very traumatic, some of them are and require more attention. Sudden limping or lameness may be the first warning sign of a sprain or strain. If this lasts more than a day or so, or it keeps happening, you may want to bring your pet for a visit!

The Doctors at Leduc Animal Clinic will figure out what kind and how severe the injury is.
A thorough physical exam will be performed and we’ll check the muscles and joints by pressing on certain points to determine if they are sore, warm, swollen, or even out of place. We may need some radiographic images to assist us in that lesion hunting process in order to provide the best care and outcome possible!

If you have any accidents with your pet, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Stay safe everyone and enjoy the outdoors!

By Dr. Macedo

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